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Image of Studio object

Photographer: Robin Wassink-Murray

  • Catalog No.
  • 02381-2019-FwPP-Carolee+Sands
  • Title
  • Carolee + Sands Magic Hair Pyramid & Working 2000 x 3
  • Dimensions
  • Variable
  • Materials
  • Construction in hand-carved, hand-gilded frame (triangle) and three framed signed works (rectangles) of photo collages printed from slides
  • Object Location
  • Physical

  • Technical Notes

“Above: Carolee had a knot in her hair. We were in her hotel room in Frankfurt where we met for her retrospective in 2017. She asked me if I could help to comb her hair and untangle the knot, and she insisted that Robin photograph it as a performance. Below: In 2000 in the first house that Robin and I shared together in Amsterdam, which was 19 square meters, I was on the phone arranging a purchase from Ronald Feldman Gallery of ‘Handle with Care,’ a work by Hannah Wilke. As Robin often does, he documented the action as a work.” – SMW.