Kathy Acker

Punk icon. Movie: ‘Blue Tape’ (1974).

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Image of Studio object

  • Catalog No.
  • 01427-2000-PsW2000-INeverThoughtThisWouldHap…
  • Title
  • I Never Thought This Would Happen
  • Dimensions
  • 42 x 59
  • Materials
  • Poster marker on paper
  • Object Location
  • Physical

  • Reflection Notes

“‘Can a man’s work every be serious like a woman’s?’ – there we go with Venus envy, among other things… I gave all these people credit I didn’t even like. Why did I include Madelenie Berchemer’s name? I got all intimidated because she was more successful than me…” – SMW paraphrased by MH.