Image of Studio object

  • Catalog No.
  • 00068-1993/1995-C-SignatureCollage-047
  • Title
  • Signature Collage
  • Dimensions
  • 29.5 x 21
  • Materials
  • Photocopy and oil crayon
  • Object Location
  • Physical

  • Reflection Notes

“Performalist. It’s funny when your image becomes part of your work. Hannah did it because she was beautiful and that was troublesome for feminists, they thought it was easy, but it wasn’t. I’ve been objectified in different ways – my face not being good enough, always commenting on my weight (I think the unusual bits of me are part of what make me queer). Who makes them entitled to someone else’s physicality? Carolee always told me to go where the difficulty is, and that is (my) physicality. So, I made it central because people thought it was important somehow to draw my attention to. Sometimes I wish I could have been more handsome but then that was all I would’ve been known as. I can bridge the more and less beautiful.” – SMW.