Textile paintings

Mostly text-based... – RR.

...works that are multicoloured, vibrant and large in dimensions, and bold in phrasing. Often comprising several materials collaged together. – MH and AC.

On synthetic fabrics or silk, made with acrylic paints, as are the horse drawings and paintings. Oil paintings exist in Kansas, there are two larger ones here in storage in Amsterdam. Sands prefers them hung without frame etc. just on the wall with two nails in the upper two corners. They can be washed as any fabric could be, the acrylic is strong and plastic-based.
– SMW.

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  • 62 x 55 (appx)
  • Materials
  • Pure silk and acrylic paint
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The spiral form comes from a portrait of Eva Hesse by Mel Bochner from c. 1966.